Come and spend a day in Lugano at USI and discover our Executive MBA course.

Take advantage of this opportunity to experience an exceptional free overview of the courses, campus, and the academic body.

When: 14,15,16 February 2019

Where: USI, Executive Center, Via Giuseppe Buffi 13,6900 Lugano

The session is divided into two courses and includes also a talk from special guest Maifredi Cesare.



Professor Paulo Gonçalves

Professor of Operations Management at USI.
PhD (MIT Sloan), M. Sc. (MIT), M. Sc. (USP), B. Sc. (ITA).

Course Description

During this session, your managerial skills will be tested through challenging questions regarding operational management issues applied to real world situations. You shouldn’t be scared though, as it will turn into a funny and stimulating experience, thanks to an interesting simulation on management education created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The game is top secret… however we can tell you that beer will be part of it. If you would like to know the rest… come and discover it for yourself.

This course addresses the management of operations in manufacturing and service organizations. It introduces the concepts and techniques related to the design, planning, control, and improvement of manufacturing and service operations. Operations Management is a vast subject and several possible topics could be covered in class, emphasis will be placed on practical tools that can aid decision-making.

Program overview and structure

First Block:

  1. Operations role in competitive advantage
    2. Process design
    3. Demand forecasting
    4. Capacity management

Second Block:

  1. Inventory management
    2. Supply chain management
    3. Supply chain design


Professor Gianluca Colombo

Executive MBA Director
Director of AMC Advanced Management Centre Institute of Management at USI
Director of Institute of Management at USI

Course Description 

The theme of the course is corporate entrepreneurship. Corporate Entrepreneurship, also known as Intrapreneurship, is about launching new initiatives within existing corporations. These “new initiatives” can range from minor process changes to spinning-off entire business units.

Program overview and structure

  1. Entrepreneurship Introduction & Overview
    2. The Nature of Corporate Entrepreneurship
    3. Creating the entrepreneurial organization
    4. Business Planning