EMBA for Charity – Red Cross Switzerland

When: Wednesday 15.11

Where: Fattoria Moncucchetto – Wine & Foods

The Swiss Red Cross Social Service, Section of the Sottoceneri, offers concrete help to those who do not have sufficient financial resources to acquire the necessary goods and services.

The Swiss Red Cross helps with payments of rent or bills, but it also provides support for family budget planning.

The Red Cross decided to raise funds to be able to extend the help to those families who could not get support due to the depletion of funds, which unfortunately took place during this period.

EMBA is participating in the dinner on November 15 to help the most vulnerable people in Ticino.

During the dinner, works by Cesare Lucchini and Gian Paolo Minelli will be auctioned.

Carla Norghauer will be the godmother of the evening.



For more info please visit: http://www.crocerossaticino.ch/


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