EMBA visit to la Borsa italiana di Milano – London Stock Exchange Group

When: Friday 16 November

Where: Borsa Italiana di Milano, Piazza Affari


Borsa Italiana S.p.A. is responsible for the organization and management of the Italian stock exchange.
The Company, founded in 1997 following the privatization of the exchange, has been operational since January 2nd, 1998.
Borsa Italiana is now part of London Stock Exchange Group, following the merger effective October 1, 2007.
Borsa Italiana’s primary objective is to ensure the development of its markets, maximizing their liquidity, transparency and competitiveness while pursuing high levels of efficiency.
Its current structure configures Borsa Italiana as a market management body operating with autonomy and flexibility.
EMBA CLUB, in the spirit of curiosity and continuous education, attended the “Inside of the market” session.
It is crucial for the EMBA community to explore all the business-related hot topics.
Through the programme “Inside the market”, EMBAs found out more about the activities of a stock exchange, explored the life cycle of a trade and visited the Palazzo Mezzanotte.
Palazzo Mezzanotte, inaugurated in 1932, has become one of the architectural symbols of the fascist era.
The main area, reserved for the negotiations, “Sala delle Grida”, was conceived as an outdoor square with the most modern technological innovations.
After having hosted the negotiations for over fifty years, in 2002 the Trading Room and the rooms of the Stock Exchange have been transformed into a convention center.
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