Open, in a different and digital way

A message of hope and optimism

The impacts of COVID-19 on Università della Svizzera italiana and our EMBA community has been vast. Our thoughts are with all of you and we hope you’re safe. We are reminded of just how critical it is to support one another during these challenging times.

University services remain operative, in a different way.

USI EMBA is going on with the academic program, with innovative solutions.


With the pioneering course of Innovation & Creativity, we discovered the exceptional user friendliness of Zoom, now became the official e-learning tool for the Executive MBA.

EMBA trusts the powerful, positive effect of virtual tools and is at your disposal to provide assistance and support.

There are in fact several tools that can be implemented in regards of long-distance learning.

To name a few: the option of recording or live broadcasting of the lesson in the classroom, conducting Q&A with the aid of video-conferencing tools, access to additional material for individual study.

To ensure a high teaching quality even in such a challenging context, USI, with its eLab, supports the faculty and students in overcoming the complexity of using distance learning tools, which today have become essential.


Interesting initiatives have been promoted among USI students, like “Share your experience of online study through #USIeLearning”

To stay close even if faraway, USI invites students, academics and staff to share photographs and videos about the learning and teaching experience in eLearning mode.

Images posted on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok) and tagged with #USIeLearning will shared on USI channels. The best ones will be selected at the end of each week. Those who have published the best posts will receive USI gadgets, by mail, at home.

EMBA10: Roads to Disruption

The direction to follow for our new brand program EMBA10, is to implement more and more e-learning and online courses.

In today’s world, in fact, entrepreneurs and executives must face two new factors that affect political and economic environments, alter social relations and deeply impact businesses, their operations and their processes:

Digital Revolution: The advent of big data, machine learning, and new technologies require new organizational approaches and competencies.

Sustainability: The need to create and maintain a sustainable society for future generations must be integral part of a successful business strategy. In digital we trust!