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Financial Performance Measurements and their use


When: 18 -19 December (08:30 – 17:30)

Where: USI Executive Center, Blue Room


This course provides the necessary information and tools to understand accounting performance measurement and their use in management. Successful completion of this course will result in improved financial agility and higher awareness of the effect of use of financial measures in decision making, control, and learning processes.

In terms of skill objectives, the participant will gain:

• A better command of “language of accounting”, and of the main Key Financial Indicators
• the ability to access financial strenghts and weaknesses
• the awareness about the strengths and limitations of financial accounting measurements both
    – for financial markets (external financial communication)
    – or management (internal financial communication) understanding their effects on management behavior and decision making e.g. the manager myopia problem
• an understanding of how to design and use integrated performance measurement systems (balanced scorecard design and use)


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