Move on in your career: start your EMBA this summer!


When: 23.05.2018, 18:30

Where: Hotel Lido Seegarten, Viale Castagnola 22, 6900 Lugano

Don’t miss the chance to start your Executive Master in Business Administration this summer!
Take the first step and meet the Director of the program and the EMBA Team. This is an opportunity to learn about the program, application requirements, details regarding financial aid and scholarships. The first module will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in August 2018.

Why Dubai?

In today’s challenging business world, it is essential for managers to think globally, but also be able to act locally.
Dubai is a global hub for finance, tourism, hospitality and trade and has seen rapid growth in other sectors such as healthcare, technology and clean energy. This extraordinary city represents a crossroads of opportunity and one of the fastest growing economies. Dubai will inspire EMBA students with its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

Want to be a better public speaker? Want to develop your soft skills?

Talking Presentations course is made for you.
Talking Presentations is a high-impact presentation skills workshop held by 8ack, a Corporate Training Company of Kinetic Consulting, a Strategic Consulting and Training Group based in Geneva, Switzerland, with an exceptional presence in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Talking Presentations will take your leadership ability and communication skills beyond that which you think is possible, by developing your ability to be more persuasive in an intercultural context.
Companies often win business following a presentation to the most senior decision makers in the market.

Want to know more about the internationalization process of a firm?

Attend International Business course, with Professor Francesco Ciabuschi, Uppsala University.
The aim of the course is to increase the knowledge of international business and to develop an understanding, both in a theoretical and practical sense.
The module will cover aspects related to globalization, foreign direct investments (FDI), foreign market entry and the internationalization process of the firm. It elaborates on how firms encounter and chose to solve different managerial problems and how these relate to the strategy of the firm.

If you are interested in studying with us and start your EMBA this summer, please enroll here: