12 June, 6 PM

USI EMBA opens its doors for a presentation of its new program EMBA13, starting in November 2024 and extending through May 2026. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the master, the application requirements, its new vision and mission.


6:00 PM Presentation of the new Executive MBA by Academic Director Paulo Gonçalves, Ph.D MIT Sloan
6:45 PM Interactive Q&A Session


12 core courses + 2 elective courses.
1 course per month, consisting of 1-day asynchronous and 1 weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
Planned Study Tour in Boston, USA

Enhancing Your Career Prospects
The USI EMBA program aims at advancing your career. By spotlighting the success stories of our alumni and showcasing the high-caliber positions they’ve achieved, we provide you with both inspiration and a clear vision of your potential future. Our collaboration with the Career Service of USI further amplifies your career opportunities, granting access to a network of top-tier employers and a career support tailored to your professional aspirations.

Ethics and Conscious Leadership
With the incorporation of ethics and conscious leadership into our curriculum, we aim to cultivate leaders who not only succeed in their careers but also contribute positively and ethically to the business world.

Casa della Sostenibilità
The House of Sustainability project is a collaborative endeavor between the Municipality of Airolo and the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), designed to establish a premier destination in Ticino for promoting education and fostering discussions on sustainable development. This initiative focuses on engaging with the Alpine region as a starting point for exploring sustainable practices.

USI EMBA’s vision is to empower the next generation of global business leaders, instilled with unwavering ethics to drive transformative- positive change in the world.

USI EMBA’s mission actualizes its vision to shape ethical global business visionaries, through an unwavering commitment to excellence in education, led by our experienced international faculty who bridge theory and practice in intimate class settings. We embrace cutting-edge innovation, champion values and ethics, and commit to sustainability, nurturing strategic alliances. This empowers our students to lead by example, catalyzing profound, positive change in the relentless pursuit of a more sustainable and harmonious world.

Academic Director Paulo Gonçalves, Ph.D MIT Sloan
Paulo Gonçalves is Professor of Management at USI and Director of the Humanitarian Operations Group. He is a Fellow at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) and former Research Affiliate at the MIT Sloan School of Management.
His research combines System Dynamics Simulation, Behavioral Experiments and Econometrics to understand how managers make decisions in humanitarian settings. Currently, he has been developing supply chain experiments to understand and improve managerial decisions in humanitarian operations.
He holds a Ph.D. in Management Science from MIT Sloan and a M.Sc. from MIT. Prior to USI, prof. Gonçalves held appointments at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the University of Miami Graduate School of Business.
While at Sloan, Paulo worked with Intel’s Strategic Capacity group as an Intel scholar. For his work, he has received the Intel Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Award (2003-2004). For his dissertation, he has won the 2004 Doctoral dissertation award given annually by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP).

Prof Paulo Goncalves