BE AN EMBA Student: Negotiation course, 25 May

Negotiation – An essential skill for executives


When: 25 May (08:30 – 12:30)

Where: USI Executive Center, Blue Room

Professor: Kandarp Mehta

For an executive negotiation is not a choice, it’s a necessity. As a result it’s essential for a manager to work on his/her negotiation skill. In this session, through a practical simulation we will try to understand some of the most important aspects of negotiation skill of a manager. Negotiations involve a dual pressure for an executive. On one hand the executive is under pressure to compete and create maximum value, on the other hand the executive wants to collaborate and establish a relationship. Quite often negotiations involve not only opportunities for creation of value but also a resolution of a conflict or a deadlock. This session will address this competitive-collaborative pressure that each manager faces.

The session will provide practical tools and tips that managers can use in their day-to-day negotiations and become more effective.

Come join us at the Executive Center, 25 May

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Kandarp Mehta BIO

Kandarp Mehta is a PhD from IESE Business School, Barcelona.

He has been with the Entrepreneurship Department at IESE since October 2009.

His research has focused on creativity in organizations and negotiations. He frequently works as consultant with startups on issues related to Innovation and Creativity. His doctoral thesis was about the process of creativity in the context of motion picture industry.

He has conducted several Negotiation and Creativity Workshops for corporate executives and management students in Europe, USA and India. Before coming to Spain, he was at ICFAI Business School in India where he taught Corporate Finance. He is also actively involved with Creative Industries.