Women on the move – Melina Schatz

Melina, what is your current position?

I am currently working as a Sales Trader with the rank of Assistant Vice President in a bank in Lugano.

How the EMBA helped you creating your startup and contributed to your passions?

The EMBA helped me to understand how to create a Start-Up, and to recognize whether or not this Start-Up will have a chance on the market. In the meantime, it has helped me to continue believing in my dreams and passions, infusing courage and determination.

Why you decided to start an EMBA?

I decided to start the Executive MBA because I wanted to get to know how to create a Start-up and because I understood that having a valuable degree in my pocket is an investment for the future.

I was thinking of postponing the EMBA program at a certain point, but at the end I was convinced by the fact that I could have stopped at any moment if I was unable for any reason to follow the program, so I decided at the last moment to try it, and I will never regret it!

How you balanced personal life, sport and study?

I was always very interested in different kind of sports and activities. During the EMBA time, I was principally active in the Triathlon Team Ticino, and this gave me a good balance to cope with all the tasks I was facing.
It is not always easy to manage a full time job, study for an EMBA, perform in sport and manage a private life, but I was surprised how good I could cope with all this, having  my agenda well organized and inspired by the excitement I felt.

I also want to mention, that I did not know where the energy came from, but I was also able to pass an exam for my work during the same time I did the EMBA. This was amazing and it turned out to be much easier than expected.

Describe yourself before and after EMBA in three words

Before EMBA: ambitious, naïve, dreamer.

After EMBA: self-confident, aware, and successful.

How the program changed your mindset and your vision?

After EMBA, I realized better, what really matters in my life and what maybe is not so important to achieve. For several years, I have always chased after something without really understanding why it was so important for me, now I try to spend my energy only in that what I really want and love.

The EMBA also confirmed to me that you do not have to be afraid of something very challenging, if you really care, try it first and then you will see the result.

Would you suggest an EMBA to women? Why?

I highly recommend EMBA for women. EMBA is not only a degree; it is a school of life.
Nowadays for women it is very important to have a good education: you gain a better future and independence, more freedom on deciding what is good or not for yourself.
I am also an active member of “100 Women in Finance” since 2017, an additional way to be supported and to support other women in professional life and not only.