Patrick Garbini “Purest – consciously precious” 09.02

Purest – consciously precious

Guest speaker: Mr. Patrick Garbini, Founder and Managing Director at Purest
USI Degree: Faculty of Economics, 2001
Title of the speech: The transformative power of sustainability

When: Friday 9 February, 2024, 6 PM
Where: Blue Room, Executive Center

About Purest
Purest’s journey starts, unsurprisingly, with a journey. In 2007, while visiting Nepal, the founder Patrick Garbini came across a family-run atelier where a small team of skilful weavers made cashmere shawls and scarves of amazing quality. He was instantly blown away. However, it would take another two years and many more trips for the business plan to begin unfolding. It was a difficult yet very exciting challenge – to start a business producing top-quality cashmere scarves, travel and home accessories, hand-woven by skilled craftsmen based on original Italian designs and using the finest cashmere yarn. Eventually, 2011 saw the creation in Lugano of the brand Purest – a name that alone echoes the values it embodies: purity, quality, authenticity and, above all, the desire to create beauty through a virtuous, transparent process, producing luxury accessories that are also ethical to people and the environment.


Purest emphasizes the importance of Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire as metaphors for their commitment to sustainability.
They focus on reducing emissions and carbon neutrality in their operations, partner with organizations like Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees, and use innovative technologies to preserve water resources.
Their selection of Grade-A cashmere from natural fibers, use of natural pigments, and zero-waste initiatives reflect their responsible stewardship of Earth’s resources.
People, especially in Nepal, are at the heart of their operations, and they aim to achieve ethical labor practices certification. They also prioritize low energy consumption and utilize renewable energy sources like solar power. Sustainability is not just a part of their business; it’s the essence of what they do.

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