Orchestra: winner of Boldbrain Startup Challenge

EMBA Scholarship

Boldbrain Challenge is a new accelerator program in Ticino organized jointly by Fondazione Agire and Centro Promozione Start-Up USI. December 4 at 18:00, the second edition was concluded with an award ceremony at the Aula Magna at Università della Svizzera italiana.

The event attracted more than 300 participants.

The winner of 50.000 CHF and of the full EMBA Scholarship is Orchestra, an app to coordinate emergency response services.

Unfortunately, firefighters, medical services, civil protection and other public services still work supported by old standards. The alarms are sent manually by telephone and the rescue operations are managed through long chains of command.

Orchestra is a platform that helps to optimize workflows in emergency situations in daily operations.

Rapid alerting, targeted information transfer, efficient task management  are just some of the key functions developed in close collaboration with the leaders of these organizations.