BE AN EMBA FOR A DAY – Dubai Edition

USI EMBA is going international: attend one of our EMBA courses in Dubai

International Business

When: August 27-28, 2018

Where:  Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, Almas 3

The aim of the course is to increase the knowledge of international business and to develop an understanding, both in a theoretical and practical sense, of problems and phenomena related to internationalization and operating in foreign markets.
The module will cover aspects related to globalization, foreign direct investments (FDI), foreign market entry and the internationalization process of the firm. It elaborates on how firms encounter and chose to solve different managerial problems and how these relate to the strategy of the firm. A central issue in this context concerns the choice of entry market and form of establishment on the foreign market. Another key issues in the course concerns the role of knowledge and experience of managers and the characteristics of the surrounding markets with particular emphasis on the relevance on cultural differences. An increasing number of firms have activities spread around the world and a critical reflection on the impact from culture on their business activities is of vital importance.

The topics/themes covered in the course:

• Strategy and international growth
• Globalization
• Foreign market entry modes
• Foreign direct investment
• Internationalization process
• Cultural differences

Prof. Francesco Ciabuschi, Professor of International Business (Uppsala University)

Francesco Ciabuschi is a Professor of International Business at the Uppsala University, Department of Business Studies.

He is currently also serving as board member of the Uppsala Antibiotic Center. He has been Director of Research for the Department of Business Studies (2014-15); he has been coordinator of the NORD-IB PhD school of International Business (program with six international partner schools) during 2009-13. Ciabuschi is leading and member of many international research projects (including EU founded projects) and member of several international academic associations.

Talking Presentation

When: August 29-30, 2018

Talking Presentations is an high-impact presentation skills workshop held by 8ack, a Corporate Training Company of Kinetic Consulting, a Strategic Consulting and Training Group based in Geneva, Switzerland, with an exceptional presence in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Talking Presentations will take your leadership ability and communication skills beyond that which you think is possible, by developing your ability to be more persuasive.
Companies often win business following a presentation to the most senior decision makers in the market.

The topics/themes covered in the course:

• Be more persuasive
• Communicate with greater clarity
• Project confidence in public speaking situations

Teaching approach:

Talking presentations workshop

Throughout the Workshop, students will have the opportunity, several times each day, to prepare and deliver presentations to the whole group. Each presentation is filmed and then reviewed with a coach. This approach ensures the maximum opportunity for practice and to build self-confidence.

Upon completion of the workshop, students will learn how to motivate and inspire their audiences with energy and enthusiasm.

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