BOLDBRAIN 2018: turn your idea into reality with EMBA

Awarding the best new business ideas in Ticino

USI EMBA is pleased to present this exceptional opportunity.

Boldbrain is an accelerator aimed at “early stage” startups and ideas.

The target are technological innovations and the goal is to provide participants the needed tools to assess whether their idea is valid or not and if it has the prerequisites to be transformed into a scalable business. Boldbrain will provide the useful basis to start the challenging path of development of the startup.

This is the new Ticinese acceleration program for innovative startups, which replaces the historic and famous StartCup Ticino.

The final event of the program is a celebratory moment that will allow the finalists to present their project in front of a heterogeneous audience and a popular jury that, together with the judges’ evaluations, will decree the 5 winners of the competition.

The event will be organized in the Aula Magna of Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) in Lugano, in the presence of the political authorities, the Rector of USI and other important representatives of the Ticino business world, on Tuesday 4th December at 18:00.

USI EMBA plays a fundamental role in wanting to transform Ticino into an active society, which is why it rewards the most innovative project of Boldbrain with a full scholarship, trying to recognize and give merit to the entrepreneurial spirit and continuous education.