When: 18 April, 14.30-18.30
Where:  Lugano, USI Aula Magna

Big Data are the main trending topic of 2018.
The enormous amount of information and data made available by today’s technologies increase this virtually infinite pool of Big Data.
Thanks to the latest super computers, neural networks and artificial intelligence #AI, this sea of data is continually analyzed to search for correlations and predictive analytics systems.
In the world of marketing, Google and Facebook are certainly the “users” that best exploit Big Data, but there are myriads of startups that offer innovative services of Business Intelligence of Big Data.
On April 18, 2018, some Big Data professionals from the academic, corporate and start-up world will bring their experience in this revolutionary business.


Daniele Petrucci, manager of the Ticino region for commercial customers and member of the management of PostFinance Sa, EMBA Alumnus;

Prof. Carlo Vercellis, Full Professor of Computer Science at the #Politecnico di Milano and Director of the Big Data Analytics Observatory;

Athos Fenacci, Omnichannel Development Specialist at Axa Winterthur;

Filippo Satolli, Co-Founder and Coo of #, a mobile marketing platform dedicated to the world of App that won the Ernst & Young 2017 award for the best Startup of the Year.

Fabio Ardossi, Associate Parner of


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