“USI EMBA experience was great, fulfilling the missing managerial gaps, where different business topics were linked together, leading me to become a more complete professional, being able to act and have a better business overview, improving my management skills”
Juliano Jubileu
Juliano Jubileu
Unifleisch S/A
General Director
“It's not only about Business Administration. It's about a deep understanding of yourself.
EMBA USI, invest in yourself.”
Stéphanie Ugas
Stéphanie Ugas
The Swatch Group Assembly SA, Switzerland
Chief Financial Officer
After my experience in the financial branch as Head of Operations and after the EMBA program, I changed my professional focus and now I am the Marketing and Communication director at Terreni alla Maggia.

This is a company founded 80 years ago and today it is one of leading companies in Switzerland in the field of eno-gastronomy. We are the only producers of rice and durum wheat in Switzerland. Our wines are well known and appreciated and our Ascona Whisky is considered a delicacy. This is a real new challenge thanks to the know-how of EMBA at USI Lugano.

EMBA showed me that it is never too late to improve and update your professional skills, even when you are nearly the oldest in the class! The 15 months have been hard work and they have become the starting point for my new professional career. Believe in yourself and go for it!

Silvia Storni-Michel
Silvia Storni-Michel
Terreni alla Maggia, Switzerland
Marketing Communication Director
“18 months ago we had an idea and a prototype, after an amazing trip today we run a CHF 3.5 Million company. In several situations we were able to raise the flight altitude thanks to the skills that I have learned during the EMBA program”.

Newscron is the result of 3.5 years of research at ETH Zurich and the Boston University. It allows readers to choose news according to the subject matter or news source of choice. The service is free and available in English, French, Italian, German, and since May of last year, in Spanish. “The application values which media outlet carries the best quality story, whether it’s because there is an added value (new information, picture, an interview, etc...), if several newspapers carry the same story, it detects that it is a wire story, and it will not be repeated twice.

Newscron is different from the others News aggregator for the following reasons:

- similar news items are nicely grouped into “stories”;

- Newscron is the only app on the international market that aggregates news quickly in five major western languages.

Newscron already generates a strong interest from more than 65,000 people every month who use the app and read about 4.5 million articles.

Patrick Lardi
Patrick Lardi
Newscron, Switzerland
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
I have chosen to invest in myself and enroll in the EMBA program at USI because it offers an effective class schedule and it hosts a high-quality, international faculty. The number of participants is intended to remain within limits, which enhances the interaction amongst ourselves and with the teachers. This also favors a careful selection of candidates. The knowledge acquired in the different courses, as well as the intense working pace, is giving me a powerful set of tools to tackle the daily challenges of my job.
Raffaele Bartoli
Raffaele Bartoli
BSI Europe S.A. Luxembourg
Vice President, CEO Office